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Debut of the Patty’s Eggnest Birthday Club!

On Sunday, July 15th at the Mill Creek Festival, we debuted our new Patty’s Eggnest Birthday Club.  To commemorate the occasion, we gave away over 100 special gift certificates.  Congratulations to the lucky recipients!

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at the festival, you can sign up for the Birthday Club by sending your name, birthday (month/day), and mailing address to  Feel free to sign up family members and friends!

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Mill Creek Festival!

Join us at the Mill Creek Festival tomorrow on Sunday, July 15th.  Although we do not have a booth, we will be walking around the festival and giving away special gift certificates.  Hope to see you there!

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Hope in Haiti

Recently, Patty’s Eggnest in Monroe hosted their first-ever fundraising event for Hope in Haiti, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing relief, ministry, education, medical services, and other forms of social assistance to Haiti’s poorest communities.  During this event, customers were able to browse hand-crafted Haitian artwork, learn about Hope in Haiti sponsorship and volunteering, and make donations to supporting Haitian schools and churches.  Our donations totaled to over $900!  We’d like to thank our customers for supporting this wonderful organization and hope to host more fundraising events in the future.

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