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We always welcome your feedback about the food quality and guest service in our restaurants.  Each Patty’s Eggnest restaurant is independently owned and operated.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact the location directly.

For general comments:

For potential employment: Please directly contact the restaurant location where you would like to work.  Due to the individual needs of each location, we do not accept resumes or answer employment inquiries via e-mail at this time.

For potential banquet room reservations and regular meetings for large groups: Please directly contact the restaurant location where you would like to host your event.  Please provide information for the date, time, expected number of guests, and main contact(s) for the event.  We do not have an online booking system set up at this time.

For charitable donations and marketing:

For the birthday club:  Please send your name, birthday (month/day), and mailing address.  We will never use your information for anything other than sending out the birthday certificates.

3 responses to “*Contact

  1. John Tholen says:

    Really disappointed you closed the Monroe restaurant. We live in Monroe and have probably visited the Monroe location at least 100 times and the staff was almost like family to us. The location had great weekend traffic. I’m sure it could have been successful if managed well.

  2. On your website you show the address of your new place as 2404 65th St. N. E. This is incorrect.

    In Seattle Avenues run north and south, and the direction (N. E. for example) follows the numbered avenue. Streets, on the other hand, run east and west, and the direction is before the numbered street. Thus, your address should be 2404 N. E. 65th St.. You will note that the street signs on 65th show it as N. E. 65th St., not as 65th St. N.E.

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